Members of German prog metal legends Vanden Plas explore their more melodic and accessible side.
The German atmospheric music masters are back with "Crime Scene," a fantastic release that explores dark themes.
The Pennsylvania-based prog rockers infuse wry humor, a little science fiction, and lots of catchy pop sensibility into what they do.
Swedish melodic progressive rockers A.C.T return with a superb, album-length EP.

February 2023

Mike Portnoy, Richie Kotzen, and Billy Sheehan are back together with new album "III."
Special songs for that special someone, or lack thereof.
Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom combine for killer conceptual release.
When the follow-up single from an album is better than the lead single.

January 2023

The legendary Irish vocalist sounds energized and vibrant on his latest solo album.
Three stellar musicians have formed a new power trio and "Heroes and Monsters" is a standout self-titled debut.
The UK-based prog rockers scale new heights on "The Last Great Adventurer"
With the turn of the calendar, it's time to unveil my favorite albums and songs from the year that just concluded.