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The band is set to release a full concert audio and video performance from a "Chronicles of the Immortals" show.
The former October Project vocalist interprets 10 tracks that make up her musical DNA on "Can't Get It Out of My Head."
"The Myth of the Mostrophus" is the keyboard wizard's first solo release in 20 years and it delivers on the promise of progressive rock goodness.
After a year and a half of MRC, I've started to get actual email and questions from those who read, listen to, or view Michael's Record Collection.
The queen of hard rock turned out a stellar third album in 1981.
Despite ex-Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson having the biggest name in the band, it's Wynne's vocals that stand out on the group's self-titled release.
Andy Tillison discusses the epic new album "Songs from the Hard Shoulder."
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